Etoile Chaville is an improvisation artist, dancer and singer.
Her work merges contemporary dance, physical theatre, opera, chanson, humour and poetry.
Art is for her a way to process information, shape her understanding of the world and get in touch with profound emotions that words struggle to express.


 is at the intersection between real and surreal, combining movement, music, object and the use of the human voice in all its forms, sung, spoken, or distorted.
Improvisation is the backbone of each of her projects, whether as part of the creative process or as an end in itself.
She regularly performs pieces composed in real time in Berlin locations for experimental theatre, working in solo or collaboratively with her partner Meltem Nil and the guitar-based artist Julian Datta. Her Cabaret duet « Les Cigales Caramels » has toured for the last three years in Berliner concert venues. She has also worked as a dancer and performer for a wide range of dance & theater companies, a.o. Karine Saporta, Heike Hennig & Co, Deutsche Oper, Mahogany Opera, Mica Moca, Be, Une Petite Voix M’a Dit and the fashion house Hermes in Paris.


 can not be separated from her personal way of living, which combines yoga, meditation and a vegetarian diet. She understands her body as part of a whole and it is necessary for her to cultivate self-awareness in everyday life, living in harmony with oneself, others and the environment. That is why she teaches workshops and retreats, integrating yoga and embodiment techniques; for professionals or for everyone looking for a deeper connection to themselves and their creativity.





graduated from the London Contemporary Dance School, Etoile is also a certified teacher in yoga and Action Theater. Action Theater is a body based physical theater improvisation training integrating movement, voice and language into present expression. She was certified in 2011 by Ruth Zaporah the founder of the method after studying extensively with Sten Rudstrom. Among other influential teachers are Carolyn Carlson, Susan Buirge, Yuval Pick, Rosalind Crisp, Domnique Petit, Kilina Crémona and the choreographer Maresa von Stockert who invited her for an apprenticeship in her company after her dance training in 2005.

A multifaceted-artist


Dance Theater
Instant Composition


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