« The strongest scene draws inspiration from the Italian painting of the Madonna of Mercy(…). The startling and
beautiful Etoile Chaville (…) shivers, laughs, cries, shouts, sings, is everything at the same time, submissive and
intractable, attractive and repellent. Humanity becomes a play ball in order for the Gods – who give and take everything
away – to play between deep sadness and the highest ecstasy. Madness and Clarity. »
MARIA XXX Choreography Heike Hennig- LeipzigVolksZeitung

. « Andromache: Etoile Chaville, the grieving widow of Hector, dressed in black and crying in silence, gave us the shivers.»
DIE TROJANER – Direction David Pountney – Choreography- Renato Zanella – Epoch Times Deutschland.