-Make words sprout in your body-

You will not only focus on what you say, but also on how you say it, that is to say the form of language. You will play with the rhythm, the melody and the sounds of the words. You will learn to dissociate the form of the language from its content to give a different meaning or add sub-text to what you express. You will develop skills to stay aware of your body and your movements while you speak and thus let language become an integral part of a visual and physical experience.

You will also create texts and images spontaneously. To add detail, you will stimulate your imagination with question-games and free-association exercises. When you feel lost and you do not know what to say, you will learn how to use judgments, doubts and fear that usually block the spontaneity of language to enrich your expression.

More than mental constructs and thoughts to convey information, language is also a sound, sensory and physical experience. Once you understand that, you can free yourself from the idea of what you think you should be saying and access a much wider content for your narratives than what your logical mind would allow.