Body – Tuning the instrument –

During this module, you will explore the full potential of your body as an instrument of expression. Specific exercises to sharpen sensory awareness will allow you to cultivate a strong embodied presence. You will become more aware of visual, sound, kinesthetic inputs as well as thoughts or feelings passing through your body and you will use that sensory information as a starting point to express yourself through movement.  You will increase spatial awareness, expand your movement vocabulary and use your body as a resource for creating physical images and characters. You will see how imagination, facial expression, gaze or variations in muscular tension impact your inner state and make it possible to add detail and nuance or even modify the meaning of what you are physically expressing, while allowing you to generate new movements.

The human body includes the skeleton, the muscles, the breath, the digestive system, the  five senses allowing you to perceive the world through  pleasant, unpleasant or neutral sensations, the thoughts, the memory, the imagination. Often human beings are so busy with their own thoughts that they forget to stay aware of  their present experience, missing the beauty of life unfolding as it is. But another choice is possible, you can see the

 body as the container of all this information and the instrument you can tune to increase your awareness.